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 What is Karabanga.com?

Karabanga.com is the (affiliate) publisher network, where we connect publishers and advertisers. In many countries worldwide we offer CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA campaigns to publishers for display, email marketing and social media. Lead generation campaigns for companies and tourism agencies.

 Lead generation?

Webshops (e-Commerce) and brands want to build a user database (newsletter) to connect to their (potential) clients. Web marketing campaign for an information request for mobile phone, adsl, insurances or other products or services. These campaigns usually have a CPL (cost per lead) rate, but can also be promoted as a CPM (cost per mille) or CPC (cost per click) campaign.

 Email marketing?

For advertisers we buy stand alone email advertisement in newsletters, so we invite publishers with newsletters to contact us. Advertisers can apply for a budget proposal for their email marketing campaign. For our advertisers we can target an audience in a country or region that is male and/or female, age and with specific interest. Example: In the country Spain, in the area of Madrid in age 35+. Or: people in Belgium 18+ with travel interest.

 Content marketing?

Our campaign managers buy content marketing on websites worldwide, to inform visitors about the advertiser. An example is an article on a travelwebsite for a hotelchain targeted on pet owners, to inform these travelers to what hotels they can go with their pet (dog, cat, etc).

 Advertiser? Online marketing campaign?

Do you have an online marketing campaign and are you looking for traffic, leads and new customers? Contact us for a proposal! We have an international operation, focus on quality and many years of experience.

 Agency? Need campaign distribution?

For advertising agencies we manage the distribution of the campaigns they run for clients. We buy email marketing, manage CPL lead campaigns, promote mobile app installations and CPC campaigns.

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